3 березня на Буковині виявили 626 випадків COVID-19

3 березня на Буковині виявили 626 випадків COVID-19

На Буковині значно зросла кількість інфікованих Covid-19

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3 березня на Буковині виявили 626 нових випадків коронавірусу.

За добу Чернівецький обласний лабораторний центр зробив 2072 ПЛР-дослідження і 844 експрес-тестів.

Одужали цього дня 166 осіб.Таким чином з початку пандемії у Чернівецькій області діагностували 56754 випадки захворювання на коронавірус, 45585 осіб одужали, 1046 людей померли.

3 березня на Буковині виявили 626 випадків COVID-19

Football news:

Sevilla President on Super League: We were not offered anything. We want to seek participation in European competitions only on the basis of sports
Javier Tebas: Their whole Super League is a lie. In the whole world of football, there is not as much money for media companies as they drew in their presentations
Jesse Lingard: I could easily have ended up with football in quarantine. I liked sitting on the bench, and my thoughts were far away
Tebas about the Super League: These clubs need to increase revenue so that their players have seven Ferraris instead of six. It's not about revenue, it's about spending planning
Laporta about the Super League: Some clubs have been pressed, but the offer is still valid. Barcelona takes a prudent position
Bilbao authorities want compensation of 1.5 million euros from UEFA due to the cancellation of the Euro in the city and are ready to go to court
Pique on the Super League: The numbers don't add up. If they take the profits of La Liga, the Premier League and Serie A, then they are all right. But it will destroy the world of football